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About Virtual Keypad

Virtual Keypad is a mobile and web app that enables you to fully control your security system from anywhere in the world.


The Login page enables you to login to your account and reset your password.

System Overview

Learn about the System Overview dashboard in Virtual Keypad.

Arming, Disarming, and Zone Status

Learn how to arm or disarm your system and check zone status in Virtual Keypad.


In Video, you can view live and recorded video and edit your camera settings.


In Events, you can search and filter events, view clips associated with events, and add a new user.


In Favorites, you can manage and activate Favorites, enabling you to control multiple devices with a single button.


In Doors, you can lock and unlock doors, open and close garage doors, and add and remove deadbolts and garage doors.


In Thermostats, you can add, rename, remove, and adjust your thermostats.


In Lights, you can add, rename, remove, and turn on and off Z-Wave lights.


Learn more about schedules in Virtual Keypad.


Learn more about actions in Virtual Keypad.


Learn more about outputs in Virtual Keypad.


Learn how to manage users in Virtual Keypad.


Learn more about how to manage profiles in Virtual Keypad.


Learn more about reports in Virtual Keypad.

Custom Notifications

Learn more about custom notifications in Virtual Keypad.


Learn more about panic options in Virtual Keypad.


Learn more about how to configure settings in Virtual Keypad.

Administrator Tools

Learn how to use administrator tools in Virtual Keypad.

System Upgrades

Learn how to schedule a system upgrade in Virtual Keypad.

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