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Virtual Keypad enables you to run reports that give you information about your system’s events. In Reports, you can either run a quick report or a custom report. You can only run or receive reports for systems that you can access.

Learn how to run reports by completing the following steps.

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Run a Quick Report

  1. Go Reports > Quick Reports.

  2. In Report, choose one of the following:

    • Today’s System Events: Displays all events that occurred on the system or systems for that day

    • All Troubles and Alarms: Displays all troubles and alarms that occurred on the system or systems

    • All App Users: Displays email, name, authority level, and last login for app users or system name for app users

    • All System Users: Displays all users that have access to a system or systems, including the user code and/or internal number

    • All System Profiles: Displays number, name, profile options, and number of users assigned to a profile or number of users assigned to each profile ordered by system name

    • Arming/Disarming Exceptions: Displays all overrides of faulted zones when arming and disarming a system or systems

  3. The report is displayed on the screen. To export the report as a CSV, PDF, or XLSX (Excel Spreadsheet), select the appropriate option in Export near the bottom of the page. Your report is sent in an email.

Run a Custom Report

  1. Go Reports > Custom Reports.

  2. Select the Add icon.

  3. Name the report.

  4. In the calendar, choose a date for the report.

  5. In Systems, choose systems for the report. To remove a system, select the Remove icon next to it. To add a system, select the Add icon.

  6. In the events dropdown, choose All Events, Alarms, Arming/Disarming, Arming Exceptions, or Troubles.

  7. Enter other information as needed, such as Zones, Users, or Types.

  8. If you want to schedule this report to run automatically and sent to you as a PDF, select Schedule.

  9. Select Run.

To edit the report, select Edit. After you’ve made your changes, select Run.

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