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Schedules allow you to automate actions like arming or disarming your system, activating favorites, or toggling outputs at a specific time. Learn how to add, edit, or delete a schedule by completing the following steps.

Types of Schedules

  • Arming Schedules (Permanent Schedules)—Used for automatic arming and disarming and always occur at the same time until you change or delete them.

  • Extend Schedules—Allow an authorized user to extend the present day’s permanent scheduled closing time.

  • Favorite Schedules—Used to schedule automatic activation of Z-Wave favorites.

  • Output Schedules—An output is turned on or off according to a schedule.

  • Sunrise/Sunset Schedules—Use the system’s zip code to stay synced with sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. You can use the Virtual Keypad app to add this feature to Favorite and Output schedules. If you would like your devices to activate before or after the default times, enable the offset feature and specify an amount of time for the offset. This feature is available for Android and iPhone users.

  • Temporary Schedules—Used as a single use schedule tow work in tandem with arming schedules.

Add a Schedule

  1. Go to Schedules.

  2. Press the refresh button in Virtual Keypad to sync the schedules with the panel.

  3. Select the Add icon.

  4. Name the schedule and choose a number.

  5. If applicable, select Favorite Schedule, Output Schedule, or Temporary Schedule.

  6. For favorite or output schedules, select the favorite or output that you want to apply the schedule to and select Times for the schedule.

  7. For all other schedules, enter Times and choose Areas, Doors, and Outputs for the schedule.

  8. If applicable, select the Activate dropdown and select when you want the schedule to activate.

  9. Select Save.

Edit a Schedule

  1. Go to Schedules.

  2. Select the schedule that you want to edit.

  3. Edit the schedule, then select Save.

Delete a Schedule

Note: Only output and favorite schedules can be deleted.

  1. Select the schedule that you want to delete.

  2. Select Delete.

  3. A dialog pops up to confirm your decision. To delete the schedule, select Confirm.

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